Thursday, April 03, 2008

Make Your Pockets Fat With Cash Gifting

I am currently involved with an excellent Cash Gifting program and am very supportive of my team members. After being involved for only a few months you learn to find other ways to market for leads. This is not to say that my findings are in any way negative, but that it would have been nice if the information would have been available prior to my enrollment. Sometimes people have principle reasons for wanting to follow one path rather than another. I enjoy what I am doing and I do it with an honest desire to help people better themselves. I remember what it felt like when someone actually offered me a vision that included a light at the end of the tunnel. Yes that vision came with a price tag if that is what you want to believe. I know there are more people than just myself who for one reason or another find themselves needing to create a secure foundation for their financial structure. Cash Gifting is a tool that will do just that. Passing the 1up is a small price to "pay" for this tool. It is not difficult at all to find your 1 up and then another person who will effectively balance out your enrollment cost. After that, if you choose to work your activity hard or easy, it is all up to you as to how productive you choose to be. Over the course of a year, I am confident that those costs far outreach the cost of a Cash Gifting enrollment and the promoting it takes to get your first 2 people to follow. Happy Gifting

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