Thursday, April 03, 2008

Cash Gifting Program$$$$$$$ 903-261-2150 Mary

When an individual agrees to become part of a cash gifting program, they become part of a natural progression. They give, and then they are in line to receive. And unlike MLM, there is no hierarchy. No one individual has an advantageous position over another. New participants are as equally valid as are repeat participants. When you give to the United Way or the Salvation Army, your intentions are good. You want to share the fortune that you have amassed with someone less fortunate. The only difference here is that you know the name of the person who you're gifting to. Charity is charity. And when you receive a gift from somebody who gives it with a willing heart, there can be nothing wrong with that. Do not confuse cash gifting with pyramid schemes. Pyramid schemes never allow the person at the bottom to get to the top. A cash gifting program makes you a member of a team where everybody is working together for the mutual benefit of everybody else. There is no selling or solicitation. You do not have to pressure or force anybody into anything. You simply give from your heart to people that will likewise give back when they are able.Cash gifting can change your life for the better. Countless people have already experienced the difference that cash gifting can make. Also, it builds a sense of trust in humanity. Knowing that there are like-minded people out there in cyberspace that not only need help, but are willing to give help is very restorative. Explore the realm of cash gifting and you will experience a freedom that are one

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