Thursday, April 03, 2008

Give and It Shall Be given Unto You

Individuals and private groups have long embraced cash gifting programs as legitimate methods of revenue generation. There is absolutely nothing illegal about giving another person a gift. It is an expression of kindness. Individuals are allowed to share their wealth with families, friends and other people. Helping and blessing others is honorable and good.Many cultures, especially Asian, Jewish and South American communities regularly give gifts to others within their culture so then they may start a business, buy a home or otherwise take care of themselves and their loved ones. Once the receivers of the gifts have solidified their own positions on the planet, it is then their turn to give back. One good modern example of private gifting is the organization Habitat for Humanity. From this case in point, it is easy to discern the various benefits that stem from cash gifting.Cash gifting is a private activity; it does not involve Network Marketing, MLM or any other type of business are commercial activity.

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